Command Line Interface Python Games

Collection of some starter python game projects

How to play these games

  1. Clone this repository

    git clone
    cd python-games

  2. Install requirements

    pip install -r requirements.txt

  3. Start Game


Sample play of Number Guess game


About this repository

There are a total of 5 games in this repository, all of them are beginner lever that will help you practice your python basics like loops, if-else, function, recursion, list comprehension, random module, time module, and much more.

Two additional modules are also used in this.

  • termcolor : for printing colored text in console
  • pyfiglet : for ascii-art
  • PyInquirer : interactive command line interface


Package        Version
-------------- ---------
pip            21.0.1
prompt-toolkit 1.0.14
pyfiglet       0.8.post1
Pygments       2.9.0
PyInquirer     1.0.3
regex          2021.4.4
setuptools     56.0.0
six            1.16.0
termcolor      1.1.0
wcwidth        0.2.5
wheel          0.36.2