Python script that archives all of your bookmarks on the Internet Archive. Supports all major browsers.

bookmarkarchiver uses the official Save Page Now API. Anonymous users are limited to 4,000 requests per day, which should be enough to save around 200 websites. If you create a free account to the Internet Archive and log in with Chrome, Chromium, or Firefox, your single-day request limit increases to 100,000 and you should be able to save approximately 5000 websites.

As for dependencies, bookmarkarchiver uses Richard Penman’s browsercookie module with this patch applied. It also uses the Python requests library.


To use bookmarkarchiver, you need a bookmark file. You can get one by exporting them from a browser—instructions are online.

$ pip3 -r requirements.txt
$ python3 --help
usage: [-h] [--capture_all] [--capture_outlinks] [--capture_screenshot] [--delay_wb_availability] [--force_get]
                           [--skip_first_archive] [--email_result]

Archives your bookmarks with the Wayback Machine.

positional arguments:
  bookmark_file         A Netscape format bookmarks file

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --capture_all, -a     Don't capture error pages
  --capture_outlinks, -o
                        Capture all outlinks
  --capture_screenshot, -s
                        Capture a screenshot
  --delay_wb_availability, -d
                        Delay uploading capture
  --force_get, -g       Force a GET request
  --skip_first_archive, -f
                        Don't find old captures
  --email_result, -e    Email results to user


  • publish as a pip package
  • summary of capture status
  • archive to other archivers
  • track down mysterious crashes


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