BUG OUTBREAK is a game of adventure and shooting. I am building the game for Github Game Off 2021.
This game has 5 levels. You have to complete all the 4 levels and at the 5th level, you have to fight the boss.


In Ukraine, an ancient river flows for many years. Tales tell us that once the in the river bed there is an insect kingdom – BUG Empire. They have a BUG Stone which keep the BUG King alive. But great devastating flood destroyed the whole BUG Empire. Today, two explorers have find the BUG stone, and by mistake the BUG Stone has fallen in the river, which brought the BUG King to live. He gathered his bug army, full of insects and worms. But these insects have now become mutants and they all are toxic and poisonous. They destroyed the city of Ukraine and the buildings were eroded. There next target is to capture the whole world. You are given task to kill the BUG king and destroy the BUG stone. There base camp is in a deep forest and the BUG King lives underwater.
Will you be able to save the whole world?


  • Language => Python
  • Version of language => 3.9.1
  • Libraries => pygame
  • Editor => VS Code
  • Sprite images are taken from Flaticon & Freepik


The minimum requirements needed in your computer:-

  • Python 3 or higher installed
  • A editor
  • Minimum RAM – 4 GB
  • Git installed

Make a folder and open git bash there. After that, clone this repository using the below command:-

git clone https://github.com/Shreejan-35/BUG-OUTBREAK.git

Then run the main.py file.


License is MIT

(The work will be in progress through the whole November month)


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