• A simple script that automatically keeps changing your discord avatar after a given amount of time based on the pictures you provide in a directory.

  • Since this scripts requires your Discord token DO NOT RUN THIS SCRIPT ON A PUBLIC SERVER like Replit etc.

❓ How to use

from ? import Verify_working

  • pip install -r requirements.txt

now to Set TOKEN and TIMEOUT in .env which Timeout is the time between each avatar change in SECONDS.

PASTE AT LEAST 2 PICTURES IN images directory.

now to test the program run:

  • py

from ? import Deploy

  • Do all steps as mentioned before but do not run main file, After installing the requirements and setting TOKEN and TIMEOUT, Follow stebs below:

    • Edit tools/win/DiscordAvatarStartUp.bat and uncomment two lines which start with cd and py then replace the required paths.

      to uncomment remove @rem

    • Now go to tools/win then run addToStartup.bat this will add DiscordAvatarStartUp.bat to the startup so the program will always launch on windows start up.

    • To Stop the program run terminateDis.bat in the projects root directory, or to make it simple you can make a shortcut or add it to taskbar.

    • Now that our launcher bat file is in startup you can either run DiscordAvatarStartUp.bat once manually or restart your pc.


  • Any Recommendation will be appreciated, don’t forget Pull requests if you have any idea to improve this project . ??

Do not HeZiTaTe to open issues if there was any problem!


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