💫 Discord Multi Sniper V2 💫

Nitro, Giveaway, Privnote Sniper. Usually snipes in 10 – 50ms

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Some code changes before v3, sniper should be faster


  • Added giveaway botlist, fixed webhooks
  • Nitro, Giveaway, Privnote sniper
  • Giveaway join delay
  • Windows notification
  • Webhook notifications
  • Support on alt account

News in v2:

  • Added giveaway join delay

  • Added Support to more giveaway bots

  • Fixed Privnote Sniper

  • More info about Sniped Nitro

  • Webhook notifications

  • More customisability

  • Added use on alt, that means you can run sniper on alt account and if he snipes nitro, code will be reedemed on other account

  • Removed some useless code

  • If you have enable nitro reedem on other account or delay, it will show you on main page

  • Plans: Support to more giveaway bots, Limited invite sniper, Adding more tokens, Optimalization

/ You can recommend what to add in Issues! \


  1. Config settings and token in config.json
  2. Open install.bat
  3. Open start.bat
  4. All set 🙂


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WARN: Using a selfbot is against TOS, It's not my fault if you get a ban when someone reports you


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