• pymath
  • add: usage: pymath add 12.5 12.5
  • sub: usage: pymath sub 25 12.5
  • div: usage: pymath div 144 12
  • mult: usage: pymath mult 12 12
  • sqr: usage: pymath sqr 49
  • gui: usage: pymath gui


The pymath command can multipy/divide/subract/add with only mult* or div* or sub* or add* replacing * with anything, for example: pymath divydodad 144 12 and the output will be 12


Only compatible with linux at the time of writing!

Run the command below:cd ~/Downloads git clone cd pymath chmod +x ./ ./

Add export PATH=$PATH:~/.local/bin/pymath to ~/.bashrc to use pymath command via cli

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