OneDriveExplorer Summary:

OneDriveExplorer is a command line and GUI based application for reconstructing the folder strucure of OneDrive from the <UserCid>.dat file.


Command line

To use OneDriveExporer, simply provide the <UserCid>.dat file to the -f argument -f business1\d1a7c039-6175-4ddb-bcdb-a8de45cf1678.dat

OneDriveExplorer will produce a json file called OneDrive.json containing the folder structure. The –pretty option can be used to output the json into a more human readable layout.


The GUI consists of two panes, the folder structure on the left and details on the right. By cicking on on of the entries in the left pane, the details pane will populate with various data such as name, weather it is a file or folder, UUIDs and the number of children if any.


  • Add support for OneDrive personal


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