cloud_intelligence – K8S OSINT tool.


Why is it profitable to use this tool?

  1. Speed.
    • The asynchronous programming paradigm was taken as the basis. Therefore, almost all methods use asynchronous handlers
  2. Coverage.
    • This tool covers virtually all known k8s instances. For example – checks all API of RHOCP
  3. Effectiveness.
    • Except for all of the above, there is support for beautiful tabular output, which allows you to get a complete understanding of the infrastructure under study

Installation & Usage


This point can also be referred to benefits. Installation is very simple. You need to load poetry (I gave up using regular venvs for poetry).

  1. About poetry
  2. Installation Doc
    • OSX/Linux: curl -sSL | python -
    • Windows PS: (Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -UseBasicParsing).Content | python -
      DEPS installetion: poetry install
      VENV activation: poetry shell or source venv/bin/activate.bat


./ [-h] [--token [TOKEN]] -targets [TARGETS] [--paths [PATHS]] [--resolve [BOOL]] where:

  1. token – BEARER token. But you can also try without token (anon users are common issue!)
  2. targets – targets that could be resolved. This targets could be scanned on open ports and vulnerabilities.
  3. paths – API paths for RHOCP (OpenShift).
  4. resolve – try to resolve DNS into different addresses.

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