Convert your Google subscriptions CSV file into a valid JSON for Newpipe!

Thanks to nikcorg for sharing how
to convert the CSV into a NewPipe valid JSON. This is an automation of his guide.

Table of contents

General info

What's the process of making a NewPipe valid JSON?

  • First of all, the 3 column names of the CSV must be changed to service_id,url,name.
  • Then, all "http" ocurrencies are changed to "https".
  • After that, the parsed CSV is converted into a JSON, that is appended into a empty list
    in the NewPipe JSON header {"app_version":"x.xx.x","app_version_int":xxx,"subscriptions":[]} .


NOTE: No requirements needed, as they are already in the python standart lib

Export your (empty) NewPipe subscription list


You will get something like:


Those are the headers needed to convert the CSV into a NewPipe readeable JSON, as the version declared
in the JSON must coincide with the NewPipe version

Move your CSV subscription file and json header to the src dir and execute the script:

$ python3 -f/--file [filename.csv] -j/--jsonHeader [header.json]

In case of getting UnicodeDecodeError, try encoding with cp437 or other:

$ python3 -f/--file [filename.csv] -j/--jsonHeader [header.json] -e/--encode "cp437"