Converts a PDF to images in Joplin and adds it to the specified note as a printout.

How to use it?

  • Make sure you have installed the Python requirements as found in requirements.txt.
    • It is recommended to use a virtual environment but not necessary.
  • Make sure Joplin Web Clipper is enabled and started in the client.
    • Go to Tools -> Options -> Web Clipper and enable it.
  • Replace the API token in the script (around line 10)
  • Run ./ [parent-notebooks] <note-name> <pdf-file>
    • Concrete example with zsh: ./ "Wireless Sensor Networks" "Week 1" "Practical info" Practical\ Info\ of\ Course\ WSNs.pdf
      • Assumes notebook structure: Wireless Sensor Networks -> Week 1 -> Practical Info. Copies printout of “Practical\ Info\ of\ Course\ WSNs.pdf” to it.

How does it work?

  • The script converts the PDF into seperate images and places it in the output folder.
  • It uses the Joplin Web Clipper API for all interactions with Joplin which includes:
    • Identifying correct note through a tree structure.
    • Uploads the correct resources.
    • Changes the body of the note to contain the images.

Known issues:

Currently the script does not support:

  • Changing server URL/port. Always assumes localhost:41184
  • Creating note structure if it doesn’t exist.


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