This is a CLI (Command Line Interface) tool which adds songs to a pre made
spotify playlist, the songs that are being added belong to playlists that the
user has made themselves hence in a sense the added songs will be of multiple
genre and will be of the users liking

Feel free to make pull requests

Installation Process

Run $pip install -r requirements.txt in your command line

Visit the
Installation Guide


  1. Clone the repository
    $git clone https://github.com/Reverend-Toady/random-playlist-maker

  2. Traverse to the folder where the repository is cloned/ downloaded

  3. Run $py main.py -n/--number NUMBER OF SONGS TO ADD command line

    • note -n/--number is an optional parameter, default is 10 songs
  4. The -n/--number parameter takes in the number of songs (optional)


  1. This code works in python 3.8 and above (or so im assuming)


  1. accept liked songs songs to be added to playlist


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