connect to an API to do currency conversions, save as json text or screen output -h
Exchange Rates via ‘’ usage: [-h] [-c C] [-d D] [-l L] [-j J]

This is a short program to hit an api (/ , pull conversions on dates from a csv and
save the output in json format.

options: -h, –help show this help message and exit -c C conversion request, source-destination, default AUD-USD -d D date in YYYY-MM-DD , for a single day conversion -l L csv file for input with a list of dates, YYYY-MM-DD -j J json file to save output -p P path for both the input and output files

the input csv should be a list of dates YYYY-MM-DD. The program will need an api key, which can be obtained from .

running the program with no options will retrieve USD-AUD conversion for today, and output to the screen sample run command python -d ‘2021-07-01’ -j ‘AUDUSD-2021jul01’


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