• The project adopts mmdetection v2.1.0 to re-implement the original D2Det.
  • The config files for large vocabulary datasets LVIS and Objects365 are also provided.



We propose a novel two-stage detection method, D2Det, that collectively addresses both precise localization and accurate classification. For precise localization, we introduce a dense local regression that predicts multiple dense box offsets for an object proposal. Different from traditional regression and keypoint-based localization employed in two-stage detectors, our dense local regression is not limited to a quantized set of keypoints within a fixed region and has the ability to regress position-sensitive real number dense offsets, leading to more precise localization. The dense local regression is further improved by a binary overlap prediction strategy that reduces the influence of background region on the final box regression. For accurate classification, we introduce a discriminative RoI pooling scheme that samples from various sub-regions of a proposal and performs adaptive weighting to obtain discriminative features.


  • Please refer to INSTALL.md of mmdetection.
  • I use pytorch1.4.0, cuda10.0, and mmcv0.6.1.

Train and Inference

Please use the following commands for training and testing by single GPU or multiple GPUs.

Train with a single GPU
python tools/train.py ${CONFIG_FILE}
Train with multiple GPUs
./tools/dist_train.sh ${CONFIG_FILE} ${GPU_NUM} [optional arguments]
Test with a single GPU
python tools/test.py ${CONFIG_FILE} ${CHECKPOINT_FILE} [--out ${RESULT_FILE}] [--eval ${EVAL_METRICS}] [--show]
Test with multiple GPUs
./tools/dist_test.sh ${CONFIG_FILE} ${CHECKPOINT_FILE} ${GPU_NUM} [--out ${RESULT_FILE}] [--eval ${EVAL_METRICS}]


With your trained model, detection results of an image can be visualized using the following command.

python ./demo/D2Det_demo.py ${CONFIG_FILE} ${CHECKPOINT_FILE} ${IMAGE_FILE} [--out ${OUT_PATH}]
python ./demo/D2Det_demo.py ./configs/d2det/D2Det_instance_r50_fpn_lvis.py ./D2Det_instance_r50_fpn_lvis.pth ./demo/demo.jpg --out ./demo/lvis.jpg


If the project helps your research, please cite this paper.

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