Bot Framework Composer is an integrated development tool for developers and multi-disciplinary teams to build bots and conversational experiences with the Microsoft Bot Framework. Within this tool, you'll find everything you need to build a sophisticated conversational experience.

  • A visual editing canvas for conversation flows
  • In context editing for language understanding (NLU)
  • Tools to train, test and manage language understanding (NLU) and QnA components
  • Language generation and templating system
  • A ready-to-use bot runtime executable

The Bot Framework Composer is an open source tool based on the Bot Framework SDK.


Who should use this PREVIEW release?

  • This preview is for developers looking to build conversation applications using the latest Bot Framework SDK preview features like Adaptive Dialogs, Language Understanding and Language Generation.
  • Composer and the Bot Framework Adaptive Dialog are in-preview and should not be used for production deployments.
  • We designed Composer to be a web app to allow developers to extend Composer as well as embed it within their own solutions. The
    current version of Composer is a web app that runs locally. Future releases will enable Composer to run as a centralized hosted web application.