Digdata presented ‘BrandX’ as a clothing brand that wants to know the best places to set up a ‘pop up’ store. I used the dataset given to write a program that ranks these places.

Digdata – Analysis/Final Report

I created a program that goes through the excel spreadsheet and analysis the data in a selection of categories. The code would rank each of the retail centres within each category and add points accordingly. The code then adjusted the total point score for BrandX stores as well as competitors, favouring locations will less competitor/BrandX stores. The code finally ranked each retail centre on their total point score. The top 10 highest points were:

  1. London – Knightsbridge – 964.46 points
  2. Leeds – 896.87 points
  3. London – West End – 773.27 points
  4. Meadowhall – 694.99 points
  5. Westfield Stratford City – 689.13 points
  6. Bluewater – 644.49 points
  7. Leicester – 616.82 points
  8. Cheltenham – 587.24 points
  9. Bristol – 557.94
  10. Milton Keynes – 516.89

These indicate the 10 best locations for the pop up. Therefore, BrandX should use the above locations.


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