llama bot

This repository contains source code for the llama bot.

  • Discord bot made for the LP discord server. Making it work on other servers will need some work.
  • Invitation of this bot to other server is blocked due to potential server performance issue. You wll have to host the bot yourself if you want it on your discord server.
  • The bot requires Python version 3.9 or greater.
  • local configuration file and database does not exist. Everything is stored in google firebase.


Setting up locally

Required knowledge:

  • python
  • firebase
  • discord bots


  1. Clone this repo

    • git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/developomp/llama-bot.git (--depth 1 is to save storage space)
  2. Open bot directory

  3. create secrets directory

  4. Create a new discord bot

  5. Create a firebase project and enable firestore database

  6. Generate and download service account key from firebase, rename it to firebase-adminsdk.json, and put it in secrets directory.

  7. create secret.json in secrets directory and put the discord bot token

      "token": "<TOKEN>"
  8. Install dependencies (requirements.txt is in project root)

    • pip install -r requirements.txt
  9. Start the bot

    • python llama.py

More info: