ORIGINAL BY NightfallGT just some fixes by me.


Discord Image Token Grabber


A Python script that automatically generates a Nitro scam QR code and grabs the Discord token when scanned. This tool demonstrates how people can trick others
into scanning their Discord login QR Code, and gain access to their account. Use for Educational Purposes only.





Download the latest version of chromedriver, and replace the old chromedriver.exe with the new one. If you get any errors, scroll down to troubleshoot to learn more.


  1. If you dont have python installed, download python 3.7.6
    and make sure you click on the ‘ADD TO PATH’ option during
    the installation.

  2. Install the required modules > pip install -r requirements.txt or double click pip_install_requirements.bat

  3. Type python QR_Generator.py in cmd to run or double click run_script.bat

  4. Wait for the discord_gift.png to be generated. Send the image to the victim and make them scan it.

  5. QR Code only lasts about 2 minutes. Make sure you send a fresh one to the victim and he is ready to scan.

  6. When the QR Code is scanned, you will automatically be logged in to their account and the script will grab the Discord token.


Make sure your chromedriver.exe file is the same version as your current Chrome web browser version. To check your current Chrome version,
paste chrome://settings/help in Google Chrome.

if Chrome crashes,

  1. Make sure your chromedriver.exe file is the same version as your Chrome web browser version
  2. Download the latest version chromedriver.exe here: https://chromedriver.chromium.org/downloads
  3. Then replace the chromedriver.exe file in the folder.


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