Welcome to EpikCord.py!
This is an API Wrapper for Discord’s API for Python!
We’ve decided not to fork discord.py and start completely from scratch for a new, better structuring system!

Why EpikCord.py?

Because Discord.py has been discontinued and is no longer maintained, we’ve decided to make our own Python API Wrapper for the Discord API.
The reason for this is because we want an easier method for you, the developer, to use the API, with great ease.

Why is there literally nothing in here?

Here, we decided to not for Discord.py and to go for an entirely different structure to our code, thus meaning we’re not gonna have anywhere to start from.
We may include a series on the EpikHost YouTube channel for helping people migrate to our library from Discord.py (not promised).

I want to contribute!

We love contributions that help us, so feel free to! You won’t be rewarded for this, but it helps us and we’d be very pleased with any contribution.
See Contributing.md for more information.

Where are your docs?


Why doesn’t it work?

We plan on launching a 1.0 version which will work, until that comes out you just have to sit and look at the code and predict what functions are gonna come out next.


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