extract ppt from a video

If The video content is included ppt, then this tool can extract the ppt from the video and export a pdf file. Or you can just transform video to pdf -,-.


# install from pypi
pip install extract-video-ppt

# or local
python ./setup.py install

# or local user
python ./setup.py install --user


# help info
evp --help
# example
evp --similarity 0.6 --pdfname hello.pdf --start_frame 0:00:09 --end_frame 00:00:30 ./ ./test.mp4
# similarity: The similarity between this frame and the previous frame is less than this value and this frame will be saveed, default: 0.6
# pdfname: the name for export pdf 
# start_frame: start frame time point, default = '00:00:00'
# end_frame: end frame time point, default = 'INFINITY'


evp --similarity 0.6 --pdfname hello.pdf --start_frame 0:00:09 --end_frame 00:00:30 ./demo ./demo/demo.mp4

frame detail

alt frame detail


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