Human analyis of chemical spectra such as Mass Spectra (MS), Infra-Red Specta (FTIR), and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is both time consuming and potentially inaccurate. This project aims to develop a set of methodologies incorporating these spectra for the prediction of chemical functional groups and structures.


Manual Scraping

IR and MS spectra were downloaded from NIST website.
Scraping can be done through replacing the correct CAS number in the placeholder.”insert_cas”&Units=SI and downloading the required spectra.


Automatic Scraping

Download all the species name available in NIST from this link Change path of cas_list to where the species name file is stored.

python --save_dir='./data/' --cas_list='species.txt' --scrap_IR=true --scrap_MS=true --scrap_InChi=true

Prepare dataset

Parse all jdx files of IR and Mass spectra to standardize and store in a csv format. Also, parse inchi.txt to create target csv indicating presence of functional groups

python --data_dir='./data/' --cas_list='species.txt'

Train the model

Run Spectra_Train.ipynb to train the model.


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