Genuary 2022

I’m doing Genuary, an aritifiacilly generated month to build code that make beautiful things. Every day there is a new prompt for making new art with code.

To check out the prompts look here.

I’m just starting to try out Generative art, so I’m doing the prompts that I found interesting.


to install the neccesary libraries to run the code, run the following command:

pip install -r requierements/base.txt


Here is an example of day 7 prompt:

Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing


I’ve followed the instructions of Sol Lewitt-Wall Painting 118:

“On a wall surface, any
continuous stretch of wall,
using a hard pencil, place
fifty points at random.
The points should be evenly
distributed over the area
of the wall. All of the
points should be connected
by straight lines. “


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