This is a python based colored ASCII art generator application!

How to Install?

You can download and use the python version if you want, modules will be automatically downloaded (PIL and matplotlib).

For basic windows users, you can just download the windows exe version from the here

(Converted using Auto-Py-To-Exe Converter).

How to use?

• Click the OPEN button and choose your image file

• Then choose your desired font, size and character you want to use

• Then simply click the CREATE button, the output image and text file will be saved in the same root diretory.

Screenshot 2022-01-01 183949


Original Result 1 (All characters) Result 2 (Less characters) Result 3 (Big size)
Demo Demo_Ascified Demo_Ascified Demo_Ascified

More Info

This application is a modified version of raphsonite‘s with some improvements and GUI, I hope it helps you to generate some good ASCII art. Thanks!


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