Guess Your Card – A Multiplayer Python Game

This is a guessing card game having two levels – Developed in Python and can be played between two to four players.

  • It starts with prompting total players for the game. Minimum two players and maximum four players are allowed. Then the names of players are recorded.
  • It then asks to select a level

Level 01: A 4×4 Grid with random card numbers assigned.
Level 02: A Generic Grid of NxN is made by user-choice where N >= 2 && N <= 7

  • The game starts by showing a cheat sheet first for the reference.
  • Turn starts from Player 1 and goes on sequentially.
  • If a player guesses a correct pair of cards, they get another turn until they guess a wrong pair.
  • If no more pairs are available on the grid, the game ends and announces the player(s) having maximum correct pairs.


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