Instagram Follower Bot

An Instagram follower bot written in Python. The bot follows the follower of which account you want. e.g. (You want to follow @username’s followers) and you can take follow back from his followers. Hereby, you will earn more followers.



Download the Python 3 installer package from the official website and install it, if not installed previously.

  • Run the following in the terminal to install the modules to run your program without excussions.
pip install selenium

Also to use this bot, you should download and install Google Chrome web browser and Chrome Web Driver here.

How to Use?

Download the source code from the repository and run the file just as any other Python script (.py) file.

  • Note! For the code to work you need to replace all the placeholders with your own details. e.g. CHROME_DRIVER_PATH, INSTAGRAM_USERNAME,INSTAGRAM_PASSWORD,.

Follow these instructions below.

In order to use the project, you’ll need an Instagram account. If you want, you can set up a new Instagram account instead of using your personal account.

  1. Additionally, figure out which account you would like to target.

Check out the articles below for installing.



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