This Python3 script instantly generates new free Spotify accounts (with random credentials) while pretending to be a Spotify app (currently v8.6.26) installed on an Android device. This is simply achieved by sending forged HTTP requests. The original requests have been intercepted from an emulator of a SM-N976N device running Android Lollipop, that is why you will find this particular model in the “User-Agent” header of the requests.

Note: I won’t test this script often, so if Spotify will change their API specifications this script may not work until updated. DISCLAIMER: by using any of the files available in this repository, you understand that you are agreeing to use at your own risk. All files available here are for education and/or research only.


requests module: pip install requests


Simply run it without arguments to generate one account and print its credentials to the console: python

You can also specify the amount of accounts to generate and a file where their credentials will be saved: python -n AMOUNT -o OUTPUT_FILE

The creadentials will be printed/saved in the following format: NICKNAME:USERNAME:EMAIL:PASSWORD


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