JARVIS (Basic to Advance)

This was my attempt to make a voice assistant similar to JARVIS (in iron man movie)

Let’s be honest, it’s not as intelligent as in the movie, but it can do a lot of cool things and automate your daily tasks you do on your personal computers/laptops.

Built with

Jarvis From Basic to Advance

  • Part – 1
  • Part – 2 under-working
  • Part – 3 under-working
  • Part – 4 under-working


For a cool demo of this project watch this YouTube video

It can do a lot of cool things, some of them being:

  • Greet user
  • Tell current time and date
  • Launch applications/softwares
  • Open any website
  • Tells about weather of any city
  • Open location of any place plus tells the distance between your place and queried place
  • Tells your current system status (RAM Usage, battery health, CPU usage)
  • Tells about your upcoming events (Google Calendar)
  • Tells about any person (via Wikipedia)
  • Can search anything on Google
  • Can play any song on YouTube
  • Tells top headlines (via Times of India)
  • Plays music
  • Send email (with subject and content)
  • Calculate any mathematical expression (example: Jarvis, calculate x + 135 – 234 = 345)
  • Answer any generic question (via Wolframalpha)
  • Take important note in notepad
  • Tells a random joke
  • Tells your IP address
  • Can switch the window
  • Can take screenshot and save it with custom filename
  • Can hide all files in a folder and also make them visible again
  • Has a cool Graphical User Interface

API Keys

To run this program you will require a bunch of API keys. Register your API key by clicking the following links


  • First clone the repo
  • Make a config.py file and include the following in it:

    email = "<your_email>"
    email_password = "<your_email_password>"
    wolframalpha_id = "<your_wolframalpha_id>"
  • Copy the config.py file in Jarvis>config folder
  • Make a new python environment
    If you are using anaconda just type conda create -n jarvis python==3.8.5 in anaconda prompt
  • To activate the environment conda activate jarvis
  • Navigate to the directory of your project
  • Install all the requirements by just hitting pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Install PyAudio from wheel file by following instructions given here
  • Run the program by python main.py
  • Enjoy !!!!

Code Structure

├── driver
├── Jarvis              # Main folder for features 
│   ├── config          # Contains all secret API Keys
│   ├── features        # All functionalities of JARVIS 
│   └── utils           # GUI images
├── __init__.py         # Definition of feature's functions
├── gui.ui              # GUI file (in .ui format)
├── main.py             # main driver program of Jarvis
├── requirements.txt    # all dependencies of the program
  • The code structure if pretty simple. The code is completely modularized and is highly customizable
  • To add a new feature:
    • Make a new file in features folder, write the feature’s function you want to include
    • Add the function’s definition to init.py
    • Add the voice commands through which you want to invoke the function

Future Improvements

  • Arduino interaction / Serial Comunication
  • Node MCU interaction
  • Generalized conversations can be made possible by incorporating Natural Language Processing
  • GUI can be made more nicer to look at and functional
  • More functionalities can be added


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