Python lib to automate basic QFT calculations like Wick-contractions.


  • Wick contractions for real scalar fields
  • Wick contractions for complex scalar fields
  • Distingish between vacuum and non-vacuum contractions


QFTools is programmed based on phyton3. You can either download the above listed files or you simply clone this repository by

git clone https://github.com/Bra-A-Ket/QFTools.git

Furthermore, make sure that all required packages are installed on your machine.

External / Required Packages

  • Itertools is needed to compute all possible combinations of numbers (Wick contractions)
python3 -m pip install itertools

Usage / List of Commands

Basic Usage

QFTools takes simple opt-inputs. To see the version simple execute via console

python3 qftools.py -v

The help menu is available via

python3 qftools.py -h

Check current verion

python3 qftools.py -v


python3 qftools.py -version

Help menu

python3 qftools.py -h


python3 qftools.py -help

Wick contractions

python3 qftools -w <type> <mode> <output> <fields>


python3 qftools --wick <type> <mode> <output> <fields>

where the parameters are:
type : rsf (for real scalar field), csf (for complex scalar field)
mode : all (list all possible contractions), vac (only vacuum-like contractions), nvac (only non-vacuum-like contractions)
output : print (print contractions on console), save (save contractions in csv-file)
fields : numbered fields, such that the number symolizes the argument of the field, e.g. 1 2 3 3 (note the spacing)


If you want to calculate <0|Tphi(x_1)phi(x_2)phi(x_3)phi(x_3)|0> for a real scalar field phi including all contractions, simply use

python3 qftools.py --wick rsf all print 1 2 3 3

The result is printed on the console due to the parameter ‘print’. Note that |0> is the free vacuum.

<0|T['1', '2', '3', '3']|0> =

2 x [['1', '3'], ['2', '3']] +
1 x [['1', '2'], ['3', '3']]
process finished in 0.07 ms

This should be read as: <0|T[‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘3’]|0> = 2 x <0|Tphi(x_1)phi(x_3)><0|Tphi(x_2)phi(x_3)|0> + 1 x <0|Tphi(x_1)phi(x_2)|0><0|Tphi(x_3)phi(x_3)|0>

Update Notes

Version 1.1.1

Wick contraction for real scalar field now counts repeated contractions and prints the according multiple.

Version 1.1

Updated README.md. Included output parameter for Wick contractions.

Version 1.0

Initial upload of the programm. Only the basic file-structure and logic for real scalar field Wick contractions is implemented.


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