Delivers audio from your favorite YouTube channels to a Telegram channel.

The scheme of operation:

  • The process uses Google API key to go over all YouTube channels and users listed in channels.json file,
    and finds new videos posted since the last time a video was processed from that channel.
  • Audio streams of newly posted videos are downloaded using youtube-dl utility.
  • Downloaded audio undergo a voice enhancement process using ffmpeg, which equalizes spikes and decays in voices levels.
  • Processed audio stream is split into chunks with size lower than 50Mb, which is a limit for voice message in Telegram.
  • The files are delivered to the Telegram channel.


  • Linux or Windows WSL environment.
  • Python3
  • ffmpeg

To install all the dependencies on Ubuntu-like system, run:

apt install -y ffmpeg \
      python3 python3-wheel python3-venv python3-pip


The following parameters must be set in file:

  • TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN – Token key of the Telegram Bot that delivers audio messages.
  • TELEGRAM_CHANNEL_ID – ID of the Telegram channel audio messages will be sent to.
  • GOOGLE_API_TOKEN – Google API key used for searching new YouTube channel videos.
  • REFRESH_INTERVAL_SECS – Script run frequency in seconds.

In addition to the above parameters, file channels.json must contain
at least one YouTube channel or user name. For example:

  "channels": [
      "channel_id": "UCWAIvx2yYLK_xTYD4F2mUNw",
      "name": "Живой Гвоздь",
      "user_name": "sparkhom",
      "name": "Сергей Пархоменко",


Use to run the process.
The script invokes on the first run, if the Python environment is not prepared yet.


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