agnpy focuses on the numerical computation of the photon spectra produced by leptonic radiative processes in jetted Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN).

agnpy binder

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citing agnpy

If you are using agnpy for your work you can acknowledge and reference it through its zenodo record

documentation and quickstart

You are invited to check the documentation at
To get familiar with the code you can run the notebooks in the tutorials section
of the documentation.


The only dependencies are:

  • numpy managing the numerical computation;

  • astropy managing physical units and astronomical distances.

  • matplotlib for visualisation and reproduction of the tutorials.

  • scipy for interpolation


The code is available in the python package index and can be installed via pip

pip install agnpy

The code can also be installed using conda

conda install -c conda-forge agnpy


A test suite is available in agnpy/tests, to run it just type
pytest in the main directory.