Version 0.0.2

Tools for Osmosis wallet management and offline transaction signing


Installing from PyPI repository:

pip3 install osmopy

Installing from source code:

git clone https://github.com/bro-n-bro/osmopy
cd cyberpy
pip3 install .


Generating a wallet

from osmopy import generate_wallet
wallet = generate_wallet()

The value assigned to wallet will be a dictionary just like:

    "seed": "arch skill acquire abuse frown reject front second album pizza hill slogan guess random wonder benefit industry custom green ill moral daring glow elevator",
    "derivation_path": "m/44'/118'/0'/0/0",
    "private_key": b'\xbb\xec^\xf6\xdcg\xe6\xb5\x89\xed\x8cG\x05\x03\xdf0:\xc9\x8b \x85\x8a\x14\x12\xd7\xa6a\x01\xcd\xf8\x88\x93',
    "public_key": b"\x03h\x1d\xae\xa7\x9eO\x8e\xc5\xff\xa3sAw\xe6\xdd\xc9\xb8b\x06\x0eo\xc5a%z\xe3\xff\x1e\xd2\x8e5\xe7",
    "address": "bostrom1uuhna3psjqfxnw4msrfzsr0g08yuyfxesqggqd",

Converter functions

Mnemonic seed to private key

from osmopy import seed_to_privkey
seed = "teach there dream chase fatigue abandon lava super senior artefact close upgrade"
privkey = seed_to_privkey(seed, path="m/44'/118'/0'/0/0")

Private key to public key

from osmopy import privkey_to_pubkey
privkey = bytes.fromhex("6dcd05d7ac71e09d3cf7da666709ebd59362486ff9e99db0e8bc663570515afa")
pubkey = privkey_to_pubkey(privkey)

Public key to address

from osmopy import pubkey_to_address
pubkey = bytes.fromhex("03e8005aad74da5a053602f86e3151d4f3214937863a11299c960c28d3609c4775")
addr = pubkey_to_address(pubkey)

Private key to address

from osmopy import privkey_to_address
privkey = bytes.fromhex("6dcd05d7ac71e09d3cf7da666709ebd59362486ff9e99db0e8bc663570515afa")
addr = privkey_to_address(privkey)

Address to address

from osmopy import address_to_address
addr = address_to_address(address, prefix)

Signing transactions

Send transaction

from osmopy import Transaction
tx = Transaction(
    sync_mode="broadcast_tx_sync", # "broadcast_tx_sync", "broadcast_tx_async", "broadcast_tx_commit"
tx.add_transfer(recipient="osmo103l758ps7403sd9c0y8j6hrfw4xyl70j4mmwkf", amount=387000)
tx.add_transfer(recipient="osmo1lzumfk6xvwf9k9rk72mqtztv867xyem393um48", amount=123)

One or more token transfers can be added to a transaction by calling the add_transfer method.

When the transaction is fully prepared, calling get_pushable will return a signed transaction in the form of a JSON string.

pushable_tx = tx.get_pushable()

This can be used as request body when calling endpoint of the https://rpc_api:26657, more detailes here

import requests

res = requests.post(url=<rpc_api>, data=pushable_tx)

Or you can call broadcast(rps: str) method and it will make a signed transaction and POST it with defined RPC_api.

res = tx.broadcast(url=<RPC_api>)


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