Implements the Uxn instruction set in digital hardware. Very WIP.

An animation showing different Uxn mode bits lighting up as stack control signals flow through logic gates


Known Bugs

  • The program counter doesn’t reset to 0x0100
    • To fix this, hold down the Reset button attached to the program counter and press Ctrl-T twice to advance the clock. This should set it to 0x0100 and program execution can begin.
    • If your ROM contains absolute addressing then you’ll need to manualy zero-pad it to start at 0x0100

      cat /dev/zero | head -c 256 > zero-page.rom
      cat zero-page.rom someprogram.rom > padded-program.rom
  • SFT isn’t implemented
  • ROT2/ROT2k are unimplemented
  • Probably a lot of other opcodes don’t work either


  1. Open cpu.circ in Logisim

  2. ( Optional ) Build the latest microcode

    i. To assemble the microcode rom file run

    python microcode-asm.py microcode.mc microcode.tal
    uxnasm microcode.tal microcode.rom

    ii. Right click on the ROM labelled Microcode_ROM

    iii. Load Image > Select microcode.rom > Select binary (big-endian)

  3. Load the Uxn ROM you wish to load.

    i. Right click on the 64K RAM module
    ii. Load Image > Select a UXN rom > Select binary (big-endian)

Microcode Format


Microcode Assembler

The microcode assembler is only a partial assembler and relies upon Uxntal assembly for the conversion to binary. It takes in a [format](Microcode Format) similar to tal, and outputs a valid .tal file (Including comments!). Requires uxnasm or asma.tal to assemble into the microcode rom.


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