The purpose is to bring more people to Arch Linux by providing a working, flexible, easier and faster installer
than the one officially provided by Arch Linux.


Boot into your Arch Linux live environment as
if you would normally do to manually install it.

Once you booted into Arch Linux’s installation image, run these commands:

pacman -Syq --noconfirm python3 python-pip git

pip install archpy

For the latest version:

pip install git+https://github.com/andreluisos/archpy.git

Hardware requirements

I’ve only tested this on UEFI with SSD.

Need people to test on other hardware and report issues here.

Currently working on UEFI systems only.

Software requirements

Only two non official Python packages are being used: inquirer and

I’m working on a way to get rid of them.


archpy install [path|url]

  • The install command can start a new installation (if no path or url is passed in) or
    load a installation parameters from a local or remote json file.
  • Absolute path or url is necessary.

archpy generate config

  • Creates a new installation parameters json file on the desired directory.
  • In the end, user will be prompted to insert the full directory path. A json file called
    archpy.json will be created on that path.

Usage examples

archpy install

archpy install /home/me/archpy.json

archpy install https://raw.githubusercontent.com/andreluisos/archpy/main/examples/archpy.json

archpy generate config


  • Fix bugs.
  • Add more options to the installer.
  • Cool post installation automator, which might also work with any other Linux distribution.


Need people to test and report bugs here.

In action

Watch the video


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