Python Advanced — numpy, decorators, networking (and more?)

Hello everyone

This is the project repo for the “Python Advanced – …” introductory talk of the AIDD Project’s (Advanced Machine Learning for Innovative Drug Discovery) Summer School in Oct 2021.

The talk module in this repository contains the individual “slides” for each of the sections of the presentation.

“That’s not a power-point presentation Andreas?!?”

I presented this talk in my PyCharm IDE. It’s supposed to look like this: PyCharm IDE Window showing

The slides contain code that can be executed in a jupyter notebook like fashion using the “Pycharm cell mode” plugin, which let’s you mark sections of code for execution as a cell via ##: PyCharm IDE Window showing

Live Session

The live session will happen on Thursday 2021-10-21 13:00h.


If you find mistakes, have questions or want to connect, just open an issue in the repository


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