Custom ROM(s) Tracker

Still work in progress


The main objective of this project is to make it easy for maintainers to know when each ROM Updates their manifest repo. I hope to help users too by letting them know if the source of a ROM is updated or no. The project is still in its initial stages and yet to grow up to its full functionality and neither has been tested as of now. Hoping to make it stable and make it properly functional soon.


  • Should update itself every 30 minutes
  • Runs fully on GitHub actions For more my code is OpenSource, you make take a read at it

Currently tracked ROMs

You can check this list which is auto updated everytime I include another ROM to my list. If you feel that I have missed out anything, make sure to edit this file (roms.txt) and/or this file(roms1.txt) (Note that one .txt file can only contain 60 repos for it to work properly) and Open a Pull Request so I can add them easier.

If you find any issue, make sure to create issue, so I can work on it better. If you think it is not well commented or if you can suggest a more efficient code, PLEASE OPEN A PULL REQUEST, I would love to look at it.