Beautiful Atoms

Batoms is a Python package for editing and rendering atoms and molecules objects using blender. A Python interface that allows for automating workflows.


  • Model: space-filling, ball-stick, polyhedral, cavity and so on.
  • Supported File type: cif, xyz, cube, pdb, json, VASP-out and so on.
  • Supported structure: ASE and Pymatgen
  • Volumetric data (Isosurface)
  • Animation
  • GUI
  • Flexible: Python script, run interactively or in background.
  • High quality rendering: 3D models
  • Free, Open Source: Easy to download and install.
  • Cross-platform: (Linux, Windows, macOS)



  • Python
  • Blender
  • ASE
  • Scikit-image

How to use

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