Yapily Python SDK

This SDK was generated using Swagger Code Generator. The SDK can be used as a module in your code and the examples demonstrate how to connect to financial institutions integrated with Yapily.


To connect to the Yapily API, you will need to register your
application at https://dashboard.yapily.com.

These application credentials can then be used to authorise all
your API requests.


The SDK is currently available in the Yapily github repository and
can be included in your project
by adding it to your dependencies

pip install

pip3 install git+https://github.com/yapily/yapily-sdk-python.git#subdirectory=sdk

pip upgrade

pip3 install --upgrade git+https://github.com/yapily/yapily-sdk-python.git#subdirectory=sdk


Sample usage of the SDK can be seen in the examples folder.

  • Retrieve a list of available financial institutions to connect to
configuration = Configuration()
configuration.username = constants.APPLICATION_ID
configuration.password = constants.APPLICATION_SECRET

apiClient = ApiClient(configuration)
institutionsApi = InstitutionsApi(apiClient)
institutions = institutionsApi.get_institutions_using_get()
  • Creating users and retrieving users for your application registered in the Yapily Dashboard
application_user = NewApplicationUser(application_user_id=app_user_id)
user_api = ApplicationUsersApi(apiClient)
  • Create an authorisation URL for your users to use to log into their institution
account_authorisation_request = AccountAuthorisationRequest(

response = accounts_api.initiate_account_request_using_post(account_auth_request=account_authorisation_request)
redirect_url = response.data.authorisation_url
  • Obtaining a valid consent for financial data
def filterByStatus(consent):
    if (consent.status == "AUTHORIZED"):
        return True
        return False

consents = ConsentsApi(apiClient).get_consents_using_get(

authorised_consents = list(filter(filterByStatus, consents))
consent = authorised_consents[0]
consent_token = consent.consent_token
  • Returning user account details
accountsApi = AccountsApi(apiClient)
accounts = accountsApi.get_accounts_using_get(consent_token)
  • Returning user transaction details
transactionsApi = TransactionsApi(apiClient)
transactions = transactionsApi.get_transactions_using_get(consent_token, accounts.data[0]._id)
  • Returning user identity details
institutions_api = InstitutionsApi(apiClient)
features = institutions_api.get_institution_using_get(constants.INSTITUTION_ID).features
if ("IDENTITY" in features):
    identity_api = IdentityApi(apiClient)
    identity = identity_api.get_identity_using_get(consent_token)

Further information

For more information on how to get connected, visit the Yapily Knowledge Base.

GitHub - yapily/yapily-sdk-python: Python SDK generated against the Yapily API. This SDK can be used to connect to Open Banking entities.
Python SDK generated against the Yapily API. This SDK can be used to connect to Open Banking entities. - GitHub - yapily/yapily-sdk-python: Python SDK generated against the Yapily API. This SDK can...