RAW (RISC-V Archbuild Wrapper)

CAVEAT: This project is still under development. Most of the features mentioned in README might not be implemented yet.

  • Install:
curl -sL 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Avimitin/riscv-archbuild-wrapper/master/raw' -o ./raw
  • Usage:

# Create a directory at current directory, then put all the file inside of it
./raw <PKG>

# Send the local PKGBUILD to remote, and rerun the build
./raw --rebuild <PKG>

# Download PKGBUILD at local, then exit.
# Useful for fixing rotten package when using it with --rebuild.
./raw --prepare <PKG>

# Specify a server to run the script
./raw --server <SERVER> <PKG>

# Run server test only. It will overwrite the local test result buffer.
./raw --update-server


  • Add download source
  • Add context – json dumper
  • Document
  • Smoking test
  • Manage Multiple project
  • Add GPG Key auto download

My workflow

  • Failing package

# Create a workspace
mkdir -p $HOME/riscv/packages
cd $HOME/riscv/packages
curl -sL 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Avimitin/riscv-archbuild-wrapper/master/raw' -o ./raw

# Assuming that I am going to fix iana-etc

# First try
./raw iana-etc

# If fail
ls -a $HOME/riscv/packages/iana-etc

# output
# .ctx.json PKGBUILD raw build.log prepare.log ...

# If I need to modify source code
./raw --download-source iana-etc

ls -a $HOME/riscv/packages/iana-etc

# output
# Same as above, but we have a new directory for the source code
# ...... src/

# After fix
./raw --send a.patch b.patch c.patch iana-etc
./raw --rebuild iana-etc
  • Rotten package

# if the remote and local doesn't download PKGBUILD file yet
./raw iana-etc --prepare

cp archriscv-packages/iana-etc/riscv64.patch ./iana-etc/
patch -d ./iana-etc -Ni riscv64.patch

./raw iana-etc --rebuild



User --&gt; Script{Params}
Script --&gt; |raw pkgname| A[Create new build context]
Script --&gt; |raw --rebuild| G[Send local PKGBUILD to remote]
Script --&gt; |raw --prepare| B
A --&gt; B[asp checkout on remote]
B --&gt; C[copy PKGBUILD to local]
C --&gt; D{Start build}
D --&gt; |Other Error| Z[Exit]
D --&gt; |Met error| E[GPG Key missing]
E --&gt; F[Download GPG Key]
G --&gt; D
B --&gt; |In prepare mode| Z
F --&gt; D
  • The possible multiple project management

  |- raw
  |- package-a/
      |- src/
        |- ...source code...
      |- PKGBUILD
      |- .ctx.json
      |- packageA-ver-rel-build.log
      |- fix.patch
  |- package-b/
      |- src/
        |- ...source code...
      |- PKGBUILD
      |- .ctx.json
      |- packageB-ver-rel-check.log


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