Realtime read-write with AJAX

Hey,this is the basic implementation type of ajax realtime read write from the database. where you can insert or view realtime data without needed to refreshing the page.


  1. Clone the repo:
  1. Setup on your PC
Create a virtual env then activate that, after that install all the requirements
> pip install pipenv
> pipenv shell
> pipenv install -r requirements.txt
  1. Run the project locally.
> python runserver


Feel free to fork this project and customize with your personal system. If you implement any nice features or improvements I'd really appreciate if you could open a PR to this project ;)



GitHub - mehedi705/Realtime-read-write-with-AJAX at
Realtime data read and write without page refresh using Ajax in Django. - GitHub - mehedi705/Realtime-read-write-with-AJAX at