Faster RCNN Pytorch

This repo is duplication of jwyang/faster-rcnn.pytorch
C/C++ code are removed and easier to study.
Python 3.8.5
Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS

How to start

git clone

cd pytorch_faster_rcnn && mkdir data

Prepare data & pretrained network

  • PASCAL_VOC 07+12: Please follow the instructions in py-faster-rcnn to prepare VOC datasets.
    Actually, you can refer to any others. After downloading the data, creat softlinks in the folder data/.

├── data
│   ├── VOCdevkit2007
│   └── pretrained_model
│       └── resnet101_caffe.pth

We used two pretrained models in our experiments, VGG and ResNet101. You can download these two models from:

Download them and put them into the data/pretrained_model/

coco api make

cd data
git clone 
cd coco/PythonAPI


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