The workout platform revolutionizing the way you workout with a built-in AI coach that changes how you exercise.

tldr; Sensai transforms how you workout by providing you with real-time suggestions and analytics, powered by advanced computer vision algorithms.

How it Works

Website -> Backend API -> AI Model -> Website

Backend API and AI

  • Flask webserver that handles authentication, image processing, and workouts
  • JWT (Json Web Tokens) for authentication
  • MongoDB as our database
  • Mediapipe for finding (x, y) coordinates of body landmarks
  • SocketIO for real-time data exchange with the client


  • Built with NuxtJS and WindiCSS, and designed on Figma
  • SocketIO for real-time data exchange with the server

Project Setup

Backend API and AI

cd backend
poetry install
FLASK_APP=backend FLASK_ENV=development poetry run flask run


cd website
yarn install
yarn dev


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