Badger Scout

Scout is an open-source version of the monitoring tool used by Badger Finance to watch simple ops metrics on our Ethereum smart contracts. Over time, community dashboards will be added.

Scout inspects each block on the chain, creates Badger-relevant events, and uses Grafana with Prometheus as the data source to store/display/work on them.

Included is a base set of UI-unchangeable dashboards configured by JSON that are used for alerting, and uses configuration as code wherever possible. Additional dashboards can be added by the community by making a pull request to add the JSON file into the grafana/dashboards directory structure.

All source code can be found in the docker/ directory. The Badger-written Python collector can be found in docker/scout.

Development Environment

The simplest way to get up and running is to run the below commands from this directory:

cd docker
export ETHNODEURL=https://ethnode.infra.example
docker-compose build
docker-compose up
  • Once running, access Grafana at localhost:3000, Prometheus at localhost:9090, Prometheus Scout target at localhost:8801.
  • docker-compose.yaml contains environment variables to modify basic behavior.

Production Environment

Look in the terraform/ directory to figure out how to build this out in the cloud. Terraform code is currently in the root directory because it is required to pull modules. However, it may later be split into a different repo.

The module is meant to work with network and load balancer resources provided by the DevOps4DeFi terraform-baseline module.

The docker/ script is used to build the containers and push them to the Terraform ECR repos.

More documentation is still required.

Grafana Dashboards

Look in the grafana/provisioning/datasources directory to see the data source that is used to access Prometheus. Note that it depends on an environment variable called PROMETHEUS_URL.

The dashboard structure is specified in the grafana/dashboards directory. This same directory structure will be shown in Grafana.

To make changes to these dashboards add/edit/remove the JSON files in this directory and redeploy Grafana with docker-compose restart. Dashboards can also be copied and edited in the Grafana console and exported as a JSON file to change/templatize.

Note that Grafana interpolates ${VAR} as VAR environment variables from the YAML files in grafana/provisioning/datasources.


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