This project scraped comments from the political section of popular Nigerian blog using the Python BeautifulSoup library, and saved the extracted comments and links in a CSV file.

Create a new environment and install requirements

Create a new Anaconda environment with Python 3.8( Other Python versions could also be used), and pip install the required librairies using:
‘pip install -r Requirements.txt’.

Run the file

This could be done using ‘python’ on Mac’s terminal.

Saved CSV File

The generated CSV file would be saved as ‘Nairaland_df.csv’


To read the generated ‘Nairaland_df.csv’ file in Jupyter Notebook, Google Colab, etc; you may want to replace ‘Nairaland_df.csv’ with own path in, for example, ‘full_data= pd.read_csv(‘Nairaland_df.csv’,lineterminator=’\n’)’. Codes for cleaning are available in the ‘’ file.

Number of Comments

The script only extracts all comments in the first 10 pages as shown in “for i in range(0,10):” from the ‘’ file.

Possible Use

A sentiment analysis could be performed on the extracted comments.


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