notion-df: Seamlessly Connecting Notion Database with Pandas DataFrame

Please Note: This project is currently in pre-alpha stage. The code are not appropriately documented and tested. Please report any issues you find.


pip install notion-df


  • Before starting, please follow the instructions to create a new integration and add it to your Notion page or database.

    • We’ll refer Internal Integration Token as the api_key below.
  • Pandas-flavored APIs: Just need to add two additional lines of code:

    import notion_df
    notion_df.pandas() #That's it!
    import pandas as pd
    df = pd.read_notion(page_url, api_key=api_key)
  • Download your Notion table as a pandas DataFrame

    import notion_df
    df = notion_df.load(notion_database_url, api_key=api_key)
    # Equivalent to: df = pd.read_notion(notion_database_url, api_key=api_key)
  • Append a local df to a Notion database:

    import notion_df
    notion_df.upload(df, notion_database_url, title="page-title", api_key=api_key)
    # Equivalent to: df.to_notion(notion_database_url, title="page-title", api_key=api_key)
  • Upload a local df to a newly created database in a Notion page:

    import notion_df
    notion_df.upload(df, notion_page_url, title="page-title", api_key=api_key)
    # Equivalent to: df.to_notion(notion_page_url, title="page-title", api_key=api_key)
  • Tired of typing api_key=api_key each time?

    import notion_df
    notion_df.config(api_key=api_key) # Or set an environment variable `NOTION_API_KEY`
    df = notion_df.load(notion_database_url)
    notion_df.upload(df, notion_page_url, title="page-title")
    # Similarly in pandas APIs: df.to_notion(notion_page_url, title="page-title")


  • Add tests for
    • load
    • upload
  • Better class organizations/namings for *Configs and *Values


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