Programmer’s Quest!

Programmers Quest Primary CI

Programmer’s Quest! The open source Python 3 2D MMORPG showcasing the power of Panda3D, Distributed Objects, and the Astron server built by a industry professional. This project is still a work in progress.


  • panda3d
  • panda3d-blend2bam (development)
  • sentry_sdk
  • easygui
  • gitpython (development)

Preparing an Environment

To create a new working environment for Quest run the following commands from the directory you would like the repository to be placed.

git clone --recurse-submodules quest-src
cd quest-src
python -m pip install -r quest/docs/

Development Build

To run a development client build from source run the following command in the repository root

python -m quest.client

This will boot the game with paths defined for the source directory as well as provide useful developer hotkeys.

Hotkey Description
F1 Toggles The ShowBase OOBE mode
F2 Reloads the applications source

Project Commands

The Quest MMO project has numerous commands built in to assist in the development and maintence of the application. A quick summary
of the commonly used commands is as follows.

Command Description


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