Selfhosted API Scraper for pulling Vehicle Telemetry from the Tesla Owner API into an InfluxDB visualisation on Grafana Dashboards.

Current Release: v2019.2

Putting an end to handing out the Key for your 100+ Grand Car to a third party you don't know.

This can be hosted on any System that's capable of running InfluxDB, Grafana and Python. In this short guide I assume you're using a Debian'ish OS. It can run on a dedicated Linuxserver out there on the Internets or on your home Raspberry Pi.


The App is available on here on Google Play


  • Capable of handling multiple Vehicles in one Tesla Account
  • Extended Sleep support: Car will fall asleep after certain time of no charging and no driving. Monitoring will continue withing 60 Seconds on car usage.




  • Install Python


sudo apt install python python-pathlib
[email protected]:~$ influx
Connected to http://localhost:8086 version 1.7.2
InfluxDB shell version: 1.7.2
Enter an InfluxQL query
> create database tesla

Additionally I suggest you to setup authentication or close the InfluxDB Port with a Packetfileter of your choice, if the Machine you use for Scraping has a Internetfacing Interface.

cd /var/lib/grafana/plugins
git clone https://github.com/pR0Ps/grafana-trackmap-panel
cd grafana-trackmap-panel
git checkout releases
  • Get Grafana natel-discrete-panel
grafana-cli plugins install natel-discrete-panel
  • Restart grafana-server afterwards
systemctl restart grafana-server.service
  • Import the Dashboard JSON Files included in this repository.

Note to the US-Users: Since the API reports all Range Values in Miles, i included two dashboard variables to match your preferences. By default the Conversion to km / kph is done, to get rid of this go to the dashboard settings:

Driving Dashboard

There you can change $rangeunit "km" to "mi" and $rangefactor 1.60934 to 1.0 and you're good to go.

Install API Scraper

  • Get API Scraper
git clone https://github.com/lephisto/tesla-apiscraper
  • Always pick a release


git checkout v2019.2
  • Get Python InfluxDB Module
pip install influxdb
  • Install requirements for Elevation Calculation
git clone https://github.com/tkrajina/srtm.py
cd srtm.py
python ./setup.py install --user
cd ..


rm -rf srtm.py  
  • Configure API Scraper
cp config.py.dist config.py
vim config.py

Set Tesla and Influxdb Credentials there.

Afterwards start the Scraping:

python apiscraper.py

Once you know everything is running fine you can start the scraper to keep running with screen or tmux, or feel free to write down a systemd service definition file.

tmux new-session -s apiscraper 'python apiscraper.py'

Building with Docker

Alternatively, you can build and run tesla-apiscraper via Docker.

To build, run:

docker build ./ -t tesla-apiscraper

To run it, use:

docker run -p 3000:3000 -e "TESLA_USERNAME=<your tesla email>" -e "TESLA_PASSWORD=<your tesla password>" tesla-apiscraper:latest

Using the API for the Scraper App for android

There's a little Android App, that can help you letting your car sleep and immidiately turn on scraping when needed. You need to uncomment and configure the follwing Values for it in config.py:

a_enableapi = True
a_apikey = 'somerandomnumberwithenoughdigitsthatcantbeguessedeasily'
a_apiport = 8023

I strongly recommend to put all this behind a reverse Proxy, probably with HTTP Basic authentication in addition to the API Key.

Known Limitations and issues

  • If you narrow down Timefilter too much, and there are no Measurements, you won't see anything in the Graph and Discrete.
  • The Code is far from being clean and in some way spaghetti'ish. This will be cleaned up in future Versions.
  • Boolean Values from the API currently won't show

Some remarks about the Owner APIScraper

  • As stated below, the owner API is crafted for being used by the ios or android app. One challenge was to implement a reliable sleepmode. If the car is awake, the API keeps it awake, as long as requests occur. Once it falls asleep, parts of the API can be called to check the sleep state without waking up the car, however, when the scraper detects that the car doesn't change Values (not driving, not charging), it increases the Poll interval until the Car falls asleep. Once it's asleep it checks the sleepstate every Minute. This ensures, that the stats don't miss relevant portions of rides when the car was just woken up, an issue some other monitoring implementations suffer from.


  • Due to incoming inquiries: I won't host an Instance of this for you nor provide any extensive Setup Support. This is aimed at people who know what they're doing. If there are Issues, open a Github Issue.

More Disclaimer

  • Please note that the use of the Tesla REST API in general and the use of this software in particular is not endorsed by Tesla. You use this software at your own risk. The author does not take responsibility for anything related to the use of this software.


  • Multithreaded statpulling
  • Code Cleanup (feel free to send PR :)
  • Move from influxql to it's successor flux, the upcoming query language for InfluxDB
  • Write some Tickscripts for alerting
  • Have a color gradient on geolocation that reflects any metric like speed for instance
  • Improve sleepinitiation