Side Ledger Protocol

Run python-slp node

First install Mongo DB and run the mongodb service:

sudo systemctl start mongod.service

Install python-slp node via easy installation script:

bash <(curl -s

python-slp node will then run as a background service on your system. Status and logs are accessible from systemctl and journalctl commands.

python-slp can also be launched on server startup:

sudo systemctl enable mongod.service
sudo systemctl enable slp.service


  • webhook has to be enabled on Ark relay
  • set webhook peer in ark.json file

if python-slp is running on a standalone node

  • node ip where python-slp is installed has to be whitelisted by the Ark relay

Custom deployment

python-slp is configured for Ark blockchain on port 5200 and 5100. To deploy node and api with a specific Ark-fork, copy ark.json to name.json in package directory where name is the name of the targeted blockchain. Then edit created json file accordingly and deploy:

python -c "import app;app.deploy(host='', port=5243, blockchain='name')"
python -c "import slp.api;slp.api.deploy(host='', port=5124, blockchain='name')"

Where name is the basename of json configuration used to store specific blockchain parameters.

Webhook management

Webhook subsciption is done on python-slp launch. It can also be created/removed with:

python -c "import app;app.init('name');app.sync.chain.subscribe()"
python -c "import app;app.init('name');app.sync.chain.unsubscribe()"

API endpoint for slp database

An endpoint is available to get data from mongo database with the pattern:



  • op is one of eq, neg, gt, gte, lt, lte
  • direction desc or reversed (default is asc)
table name fields operator fields
slp1 address, tokenId, blockStamp, owner, frozen balance
slp2 address, tokenId, blockStamp, owner, frozen
journal slp_type, emitter, receiver, legit, tp, sy, id, pa, mi qt
contracts tokenId, height, index, type, owner, paused, symbol minted, burned, exited, globalSupply
rejected tokenId, height, index, type, owner, paused, symbol minted, burned, exited, globalSupply

  "status": 200,
  "meta": {
    "page": 1,
    "totalPage": 1,
    "count": 2,
    "totalCount": 2
  "data": [
      "address": "ARypXg91KdTCFxUCtjktZMdDEne3AcA8A7",
      "tokenId": "0c1b5ed5cff799a0dee2cadc6d02ac60",
      "blockStamp": "17902732#1",
      "owner": false,
      "metadata": {
        "trait_background": "ice",
        "trait_base": "zombie",
        "trait_clothing": "astronaut",
        "trait_face": "angry",
        "trait_hat": "beanie"
      "address": "AR2xF13MYMnTKGiqF5Z6oNp1nMue9Qpp84",
      "tokenId": "0c1b5ed5cff799a0dee2cadc6d02ac60",
      "blockStamp": "17902732#1",
      "owner": true,
      "metadata": {}


current work

  • full SLP2 contract execution
  • SIGTEMR securely handled
  • run slp API separately
  • ubuntu install script
  • blockchain syncer
  • full SLP1 contract execution
  • mongo db api
  • TODO:
    • test suite
    • documentation
    • use websocket to sync slp database
    • slp database rebuild before sync process
    • p2p messaging
    • improve logging messages


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