EMTK Extended Modifiers Tool Kit


EMTK is a Blender addon that uses EMTK to simplify editing modifiers stack through modal operators and abstraction layers.

EMTKM is a modal operator that can be used to edit clusters and modifiers of an object. It has editing modes for all editable properties of all Blender modifiers.

There is a few operators that invoke UI popups with similar or extended functionality as well.

EMTK uses libemtk, modal_shortcuts and class_variables_editor_ui as python modules.

To learn more about EMTK concepts, such as modifiers clusters, clusters layers and modifiers reparse check out libemtk readme.



mkdir -p ~/.config/blender/3.1/scripts/addons/
cd ~/.config/blender/3.1/scripts/addons/
git clone

Windows: idk

Mac: idk


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