hashily 0.0.5

MIT License

hashily is a python module that performs a variety of text decoding and encoding functions. It also various functions for encrypting and decrypting text using various ciphers.

PyPi: https://pypi.org/project/hashily

Docs: Not have been made yet | Coming Soon-

? Updates

  • Added new functions: Base32 and firstLetter
  • Fixed some unknown Bugs.
  • Improved Code's Functionality.
  • Removed Unnecessary stuffs

1 Installation

You may use pip or a similar tool to install latest versions of hashily from the PyPi. To Install the Module -

  • Install the Stable Version:
pip install hashily
  • Install the Beta Version:
pip install git+https://github.com/MystYT-21/hashily.git

2 Usage

To import the Module You can do like this -

>>> import hashily

2.1 Examples

>>> import hashily

# Use the .encode() function to Encode the Text
>>> print(hashily.Caesar.encode("Hey"))

# Use the .decode() function to Decode the Text
>>> print(hashily.Caesar.decode("Khb, Krz duh brx?"))
'Hey, How are you?'

>>> print(hashily.Octal.encode("Good! You?")) 
'107 157 157 144 41 40 131 157 165 77'

>>> print(hashily.Octal.decode("111 40 141 155 40 147 157 157 144 40 164 157 157 40 72 51")) 
'I am good too :)'

3 Available Functions

The following functions are currently available:

ciphers encoding transform
ROT13 Binary reverse
AtBash Hexadecimal titlelize
Bacon Octal password
A1Z26 Integer token
Caesar UrlEncoding altCase
MorseCode UnicodePoint firstLetter
- Base32 -

4 Feedback

If you have any feedback, please reach out to us at our Discord

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A special thanks to them; they helped me a lot throughout this entire project.

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GitHub - MystYT-21/hashily at pythonawesome.com
hashily is a Python module that provides a variety of text decoding and encoding operations. It also offers encrypting and decrypting features for many ciphers. - GitHub - MystYT-21/hashily at pyth...