A slightly modified clone of Pong classic game implemented with Python and pyxel.



  1. Cloned or downloaded repository.
  2. Python3 installed.
  3. pyxel installed. Manually by pip install pyxel or by pipenv sync in the root of the repository.
    Installation with Pipenv will make sure that all dependencies are correct.


Run python in the terminal while in the root of the repository.


  1. and arrow keys to select options in menus.
  2. ENTER to choose option in menus.
  3. W and S to move the first player's paddle up and down.
  4. and arrow keys to move the second player's paddle up and down.
  5. Q or P to pause the game.
  6. ESC to quit the game.


  1. Navigation menus.
  2. Single-player mode with three levels of difficulty.
  3. Two-players mode.
  4. Two trajectories of the ball (possibility to "curve" the ball).

Ideas for further development:

  1. Sound effects.