Humanity’s expansion into space had lasted centuries by the time we encountered the vicious Threx.

The Threx adopted a single, religious mission: destroy all alien life and technology.

At the edge of the Axium system, you have a chance to make your stand. Build structures to assist you in fighting off the Threx.


Control is by joystick or gamepad. If you don’t have a gamepad to hand, remember that Xbox, Switch, and Playstation controllers can all be paired to a PC. If you would like to invest in a gamepad, the 8bitdo controllers are very good.

  • Left stick: move
  • A (bottom button): shoot
  • B (right button): boost
  • Y (top button): build mode
  • Left/Right Shoulder: select building
  • Start: begin game/pause

Axium reads the Game Controller DB file which provides mappings for a large number of controllers so that they behave approximately the same (despite different layouts and button orderings). I don’t have direct experience of how comprehensive this is, but you can add mappings using the instructions in that repo.


Connect a second controller to play co-op. The second player can join at any time by pressing start.

The players share the lives and credit balance.


  • Reactor – fusion reactors provide power for up to 3 base buildings. If you lose your reactors your buildings will still work, but you will not be able to build more.

  • Phaser Pod – after a few moments work, generates two phaser packs that charge your shot. Phaser shots will travel through multiple enemies.

  • Rocket Arsenal – generates a single rocket pack. Rockets home onto targets.

  • Repair Bay – hosts a swarm of drones that repair your base structures. Drones cannot attack the Threx and are destroyed if theor repair bay is destroyed.

Install and run

Install all requirements from requirements.txt.

To run, type



Space Background: By Mink Mingle

Font: Sector 34 by Neoqueto

Music: For Robots Friendly Floater Mix (remixed by Rico Zerone) by Tom Woxom